As an immigrant uprooted from my home country at the age of six from parents that had already fled Eastern Europe, I grew up questioning my status as an “illegal alien” behind a new border. I became aware of the systems in power that decided my standing within the nation state, how I passed in some circles but couldn’t pass in others, and how some people were more valued than others based on a capitalist white heteropatriarchal norm. Intersecting with various facets of privilege and oppression, I have chosen to speak to these issues through my sculptural work.
Using interdisciplinary materials, my work analyzes our modern day power structures and how we are influenced by them. Concerned with current sociopolitical events, I encourage viewers to step out of time and reflect on their own impact within peer groups, society and our ever-changing globalized world. My work is a commentary on and a questioning of modernism, its forms of oppression through gender, sexuality, migration, globalization, and how that historical myth turned reality relates to all of us in this postmodern world. As a sculptor, I choose the medium I work in according to what mood, feeling, and intrinsic reaction I would like the viewer/participant to grasp through the nature of my work.

Victoria Helena Mihatovic is a multinational artist based in London. Presently, she is completing a Master in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art. She completed her Bachelor in Studio Art with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies at Sonoma State University in California. Victoria has exhibited in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, (Chelsea) New York, and Amsterdam, The Netherlands.